Health Incite was founded in 2012 by Dr. Justin Mager. We are a private medical practice, located in Mill Valley, CA and serving the San Francisco Bay Area. We use an integrated and personalized approach to healthcare that incorporates modern medicine, complimentary healing modalities, and data-driven analysis from the perspective of the whole human experience. We offer comprehensive care to a select group of clients on a retainer basis. At Health Incite, we are partners on your journey to understand and engage with the ecosystem that is you.

Our philosophy: 

Health Incite emerged from the conviction that healthcare is about much more than treating symptoms and disease; it is about the whole human experience. We are living ecosystems composed of a myriad of processes—hormonal systems, sleep patterns, home environment, cardiovascular functioning, eating rituals, exercise routines, and countless others. All of these systems work together to compose a living whole. By looking at the whole ecosystem we can better understand your current state of being and positively impact your health. Modern science is only beginning to grasp the intricacies of human life and the future of medicine must adapt to increasing complexity.

We believe that each person holds a vast potential for healing, awareness, and leading a fulfilled life. While emerging medical discoveries and integrative therapies can enhance health, the most profound impact comes from one’s approach to life and through dedication to self-care.

We use an integrated approach to medicine. Scientific understanding of health, disease, and aging is rapidly evolving to give us a more comprehensive picture of the human body. Yet there are gaps between medical knowledge and our experience of life and health. An integrated approach enables us to build a web linking modern science, alternative healing modalities, evolutionary biology, and the whole experience of being human.