Our approach is based on the systems biology model and analyzes three fundamental, and overlapping, aspects of being human: physical, functional, and experiential. 

Physical: A full physical assessment analyzes your somatic state, nutrient levels, hormonal functioning, microbial colonization, genetic inheritance, and environmental effects on the body. While most mainstream health assessments consider only localized parts of the physical body, we assess multiple physical systems to ensure you have all of the elements that create a healthy body.   

Functional: The body is both form and function. The way you live your life and move throughout your day provides signals to the body about how it needs to perform. We can see this illustrated in the typical body types of a dancer, runner, or yoga practitioner. At Health Incite we look at energy levels, sleep, diet, digestion, movement, fitness and the whole physiologic existence. Through this we can discover the connection between your day-today and overall life patterns, and your health. 

Experiential: This aspect is about how you approach and experience life. Although the most difficult to quantify, it has the greatest influence on your physiology and lifestyle choices. We discuss facets of your psycho-social environment, your underlying mental models, and your relationship to your body and life. Through awareness and understanding you can deepen your relationship to yourself and make the best choices for you.

These three aspects to health work as one integrated whole. Together, we explore these areas to gain an understanding of your overall wellbeing and work with you to develop strategies to restore, maintain or optimize health.