Wake Up to Your Life, I Mean Health

Accept your health as it is, right now.  don’t whine, complain, judge or justify; for a moment, don’t waste time on the how and why of your health, just on what is your health.   just acknowledge and accept it, as difficult and emotional this might be.  In practice and in my own life,  ifind at times we are fighting very hard to just keep hanging on in life, may want to give up, be angry and frustrated, sad and despondent, whatever...most of us have a broad spectrum of emotions tied to our health and lives; i am certainly still trying to fully accept myself, have had moments when it was a mighty effort to just to get through days. weeks, months.  i have been frustrated, pissed, depressed, hopeful.  that act of accepting how we feel without all of the elaborate drama and story that surrounds it changes our relationship to our health.  you observe it, become curious, come to understand it, and have a much better chance to change it, to let it go, to transition to better health.  you are not an object, but a process, and the principle that governs this process is simply the relationship/connection between the inner body and the outer world.  just as there has never been another being on earth with your genetic code, body, etc. our uniqueness, although important and fantastic, is dwarfed by our fundamental sameness.  there are individual variations of universal patterns to health and disease.    don’t take it so personal, it’s modern life mixing with human nature.

what i have found, personally in my own health and in observing successful patients (i am a physician and exercise scientist) is that it is their life that is the health and disease, not a pill, supplement, etc.  i often give similar treatments to people with similar symptoms and the outcomes vary across the spectrum of wildly successful to no benefit at all.  I can assure you, that you alone are responsible for your health, the empowerment is within you.  you may need professional guidance or help of some kind, so by all means seek out great advice and guidance, but ultimately it is up to you to execute that guidance.  all therapies, interventions or treatment plans are best used as a tool.  the health, healing and wholeness come from your life, is your life.  therapies can offer support or might influence & enhance vitality, but they can not force these things upon you.